Knuckle Buster

1987 Melbourne House

Platform: Amstrad CPC

It is with thanks to Chris Abbott that we add this new Amstrad CPC GTW entry for a conversion of Knuckle Buster. Although released on C64 and ZX Spectrum, any CPC edition was nowhere to be seen (if anyone can find an advert with the CPC version listed – please let us know!).

Chris informed GTW that Rob Hubbard completed (and was paid for) an Amstrad CPC port of his C64 KB music. Sadly the music is now lost, but if perhaps something of a CPC conversion was ever found – then this could be recovered as part of it.

Oddly Consult would do the music for the ZX Spectrum version, so it seems that the CPC edition may have been done by another team, rather than a straight ZX Spectrum port and built to take advantage of the CPC’s graphic capabilities.

At this stage, we know very little else about the conversion, how far it got, who was behind it and why it was cancelled. The only Amstrad related thing we have found so far is a news snippet in Amstrad Action 17 (see scans).

If you know anything more about this conversion – please get in touch or feel free to comment below.

With thanks to Chris Abbott for the heads up and information.


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