Beavers (Amiga) – Early screens and unused assets

As you know, we occasionally like to also do posts that highlight assets that were not used in a final and published game. Thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz, we now have a short post to share some earlier screens from the Amiga version of Grandslam’s Beavers with some minor differences compared to the final released game.

Clipboard03 4

Grzegorz found a number of previews within magazines such as ASM (issue 12), Amiga Games (issue 4) and Joystick (issue 2). Some screens seem to have a different HUD/Status panel placed in the upper area, which is in the lower area in the final game.

There are also acorns listed as “ammo”, whilst in the finished game you have a spin attack and cannot throw anything. Finally, there is a factory/mill style level that seems to be completely missing from the final game.


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