Adrenaline Factor

1995 Mirage Technologies

Platform: Amiga CD32, PC, Super Nintendo, SEGA Saturn and Sony Playstation

Also known as Mayhem, and released eventually as Bedlam

A short entry thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz of a cool isometric action game with a mix of strategy, where you control between 1-3 tank drones and must complete various objectives including destroying a number of marked buildings and other targets.

One of the main features of the game was the destructible environments, where some walls would remain solid and bulletproof to prevent you reaching your goals too soon.


The title was previewed in 1995 via Generation 4, Amiga Action and Amiga Power magazines, but its believed that the game was cancelled due to Commodore’s bankruptcy in 1994 and the rising popularity of other platforms of the time, such as the Sony PlayStation. It is unknown how far the game had got by the point of cancellation.

Development would go on for the PC and PlayStation editions, and the game would even be renamed to Mayhem! at one point. There were also magazine previews suggesting that Super Nintendo and SEGA Saturn versions were to be released too.

A SNES version we doubt got very far at all, though Bedlam was advertised over quite a period of time for the SEGA Saturn, as highlighted by SEGA Retro’s entry on the game. It is unknown why the Saturn edition was cancelled, but was reportedly finished.

The game would eventually see release in 1996 under the name of “Bedlam“. But the original Amiga development remains lost at present. Could something of the game be recovered and shown, and how different is it to the final release of Bedlam? Was Adrenaline Factor much different to the final game, and could builds still exist for the PC and PlayStation as well in that guise?

Thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the information and scans below and Rygar for the corrections, information and many additional scans and SEGA Retro for the advert scans.


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