1983 Synapse Software

Platform: Commodore Vic-20

For our next entry, even though the game was fully advertised at the time. It seems to be completely missing, with nothing online about the title apart from being on missing lists.

The game was developed by Raymond C. Hogue back in 1983 and was his very first commercial product and seemingly for the unexpanded machine too. Raymond suggests on his old portfolio page that the game was released. Perhaps it is just obscure and is yet to be preserved?

Well, Raymond got back to us and confirmed that it was definately released, but he no longer has a copy himself. The search is now on to see if it can be found and properly preserved. Can you help us find a copy?

With thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni for the heads up.


2 Responses to Pussyfootin’

  1. Of course I used assembly language. There was only 3.5k available for code. If anyone has the game and a vic20 I’d appreciate buying it from you.

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