Overdrive – early Amiga screens

Following on from the recent PC DOS release of an unreleased conversion of Team 17’s Overdrive thanks to Damiano Gerli, GTW’s Grzegorz Antosiewicz dug out a series of early screens from the game. Overall showing many differences and features not present in the final game.

Here for instance you can see early previews where there are different track graphics that were not used in the final game:

Then there was a playable demo on Amiga Format’s cover disk that describes what was to be in the full game and a buggy vehicle before the race start which doesn’t exist in the final game.

In the press previews, there were also pictures for each vehicle type that were not present in the final game. Grzegorz wonders if perhaps they were dropped due to concerns from Team 17 that they were too close to the real thing and they may have legal action taken against them.

Then finally, on the preview tracks – there were more organic curves compared to the final release. In the final game, you would only get 90 degree turns.

Hopefully some day earlier builds or assets can be recovered and preserved to show a lot of these features that were dropped.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the submission and screens.

Complete gallery, including magazine sources for the images

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