Quick note to all

Hi all – just a heads up that I may not get to process any site comments or submissions right away, as a close family member has been admitted to hospital.

I’ll try and respond and update as soon as I can, including adding some more updates to the site over time. Apologies for any delays in getting back to you and wishing you all the best!


6 Responses to Quick note to all

  1. Salve Frank, non sono un vostro sostenitore “diretto” ma sono un grande fan del meraviglioso C64….e di questo STUPENDO SITO !
    Volevo porVi un sincero augurio di buona guarigione alla famiglia colpita da questo triste momento !!

  2. Hi Frank. I recently had a family member admitted to hospital. It’s a tough time. I wish you and yours, well.

  3. Frank – Love to you and your Family We LOVE the GTW64 Site but… You and Your Family Must come first. Take care and hopefully everything will come good. Best Wishes Wayne

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