1992 Intec

Platform: PC Engine

Our next title is an interesting looking side-on action RPG title that was due for release on the PC Engine by Intec around 1992 time.

Araganos 650

A few mentions were made in PCEngineFan over the years, which included two screenshots showing a forest scene where you fight against some bad guys, and then face a large wolf-like boss.

Another brief news snippet feature explains a little more about the game, where you have been born between humans and demons, killed by demons and then revived by the demons. The journey begins in the search of reason for existence, why you were born and why you live.

The main character was described as having a total of 28 types of magic at their disposal, where you have 10 episodes to explore. It was reported by PCEngineFan that Arganos was on display at a Toy Show, where it was reported that the opening and ending scenes were to have songs sang by Sumika Yamanaka – were these ever recorded?

Oddly, the same company later released another similar sounding game called Algunos, which is a 1 on 1 fighting game and nothing like this particular game. Not sure if this was just co-incidental or not, but is there any link at all between the two games – perhaps with developers? As Paranoia Dragon rightly points out, the art style between the game is however very different indeed.

There is a suggestion from the PCEncyclopedia written by @PCEngineCLUB that the game was set in near-future Tokyo, where the 50th item you get is apparently very important. Teichiku is listed as the developer – which likely rules out any potential link with Algunos, and Taku Kitazaki was listed as the character designer. Taku Kitazaki is well known as a Japanese manga artist.

This is all that is currently known about the game, though hopefully through Taku Kitazaki – then we can learn more about the title and what happened to it. Could anything of it be saved?

Thanks to @Paranoia_Dragon for gathering all the info and flagging up the title, @PCEngineCLUB for highlighting some of the scans and Gaming Alexandria for the hi-res screenshot scans.


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