Fire Fighter

1994 Teeny Weeny Games

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Released on the Game Boy in 1992, Fire Fighter was to see an update 2 years later on the Amiga 1200 from Teeny Weeny Games.

firefighter 640 1

The plot would have you controlling a Firefighter who has to rescue a number of people and animals. The start of the game has you inside a house that is burning, where you must find the family hidden in the house and use your hose pipe to dowse the fire as you go.

Once you find someone in the house, you must then get them to safety. However, there are plenty of problems along the way, such as animals that get in your way and of course the fires itself that can quickly get out of control.

The game would feature full 8-way scrolling, and from the limited press screenshots of the game – it looked like the title was coming along well. It didn’t seem to get previewed properly, but mock up screens were shown in articles where Teeny Weeny Games were spoken to.

After those small glimpses, any trace of the game would just disappear. What seems most likely is that Teeny Weeny Games decided the Amiga market was drying up, and cancelled Fire Fighter’s development (along with Teeny Weeny Western – which we’ll cover soon).

firefighter 640 2

It is unsure why the development wasn’t moved over to 16-bit consoles of the time. Perhaps Mindscape were not interested and other publishers also didn’t show any interest?

So how far did the game get, and could anything of it be found some day?
If you know anything more, please do get in touch.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for flagging up the title and for the scans.


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  1. So Paul Johnson is the Coder ! I assume he also Coded the Amiga Version too ? Have you Guys had a go at chasing him please ? Sorry to sound like a pest – trying to help :->

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