Bertie’s Animal Kingdom

2000 Applaud

Platform: Commodore Amiga 1200

Our next entry is for a title which may well have been released, but in very low numbers, due to being quite late into the Amiga 1200’s life and an educational title (further limiting its potential audience).

Bertie’s Animal Kingdom was reviewed in a few places, including Amiga Format’s very last issue in 2000. The game consisted of a number of simple animal recognition games, and was released on both CD and Disk. The CD edition would contain a number of extra games and scenarios.

Unfortunately, it scored rather average marks, which may well have put off any potential users within an already shrinking market. For years, the game has been listed as Missing in Action on the Hall of Light, though there are instructions for the CD edition online, as well as screenshots of the inlay. We believe therefore that the game was released, but in very limited numbers – hence the lack of preservation.

bertie2 640

However, with a huge thanks to contributor Ivan S, GTW was put in touch with musician Darryl Sloan who still had a copy of the game on two disks. The CD version sadly was not in his possession.  Darryl kindly loaned the disks which still worked perfectly fine, and as a result have been fully preserved for you to check out below.

With a huge thanks to musician Darryl Sloan for kindly loaning his disks of the game and to Ivan S for flagging up the title and putting in touch with Darryl.

If you can help find and preserve the CD edition which is still missing – please do get in touch.



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