Wizard of Wor (C64) early build

A small post on an earlier build of Wizard of Wor that has been highlighted to us by Roberto Nicoletti.

Some years ago, Jeff Bruette released all of the source code to the game, which was then very carefully compiled up by Commodore International Historical Society.

The game was found to have a slightly different intro screen (showing credits missing from the published version). It is well worth checking out the video which showcases how the build was compiled once more:

At the moment, we don’t think the build has been released and we’re not sure if there were any other differences present. If it does get released, we’ll add a link to download here.

With thanks to Roberto Nicoletti for highlighting.

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  1. WOW that’s cool.
    Reminds me of how we did stuff back in the day using two machines, no more headaches when the machine crashes, just fix the dodgy bit and re-assemble to the object machine. Nice!

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