Educational and bible titles preserved

Contributor Allan Pinkerton is on fire at the moment with his preservation work, and he has preserved a large bundle of educational titles from Kidware and also Bible research files for the Commodore 64.


There is also a Quiz Minder title which Allan has tried to dump, but has been having issues with so far. We’ve added what Allan has preserved so far.

We haven’t created GTW entries, as these titles were actually released – but we are sharing the preservation work that Allan has done, so here you go and please feel free to add to any digital archives:

In March 2024, Marco Das then preserved some more Kidware titles, which you can find links to below:

4 Responses to Educational and bible titles preserved

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these links! The Commodore 64 KJV and NIV Bible Search software titles are absolutely incredible! SOGWAP Software did an amazing job making these. A searchable bible on my C64 is amazing. I have transferred them over to my CMD Hard Drive and using them is a pleasure :)

  2. I do have some of the missing KidWare titles here. When i get home i will look them up and send them over.

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