Santa Monica FC European Challenge

2000 Frey United Software

Platform: Amiga 1200

Following on from last week’s post on Euro Round-Up: Czech Republic, another recovery has been made from the archives of Frey United Software with another football manager game due out for the Commodore Amiga 1200 in 2001/2001. The game was being created by the Barczyński brothers, and was written in AMOS.

euro challenge 11

Santa Monica FC European Challenge utilized a very similar engine/process to Euro Round-Up: Czech Republic and may have been part of the same series. We’ll add more details as we learn more over time.

The creators were heavily inspired by the original Championship Manager. Unfortunately, by 2000/2001, the Amiga was dying out and so the creators decided to focus on an online equivalent of the title called Football-o-Rama which was established in 2002.

In February 2024, contributor Rygar was able to obtain remains of the development from the creators to release into the Amiga community and within the GTW archives. So, here it is for you to check out for yourself. To get running, I had to unzip the files and then attach as a directory in WinUAE to a A1200 setup, so you could see the files and double click the game icon to run.

With thanks to Rygar for highlighting, screenshots and providing a demo copy from the author to include in the archive.



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