GTW64 May 2024 update

As we near the middle of 2024, work continues in the Commodore 64 archive of Games That Weren’t, with more new entries added and also 23 titles updated in total. Much more on the way too for next month! (Apologies to Anonymous Contributor, whose recent set of new contributions I’ll add for next month).

5 new entries added

Centurion Software titlesDas Reich der TotenDragon’s LairTronUnnamed Star Trek game

23 updates added

Many more entries updated – each entry contains a “History” tab to explain what has been updated.

ArthurBacillusBubblesElerooEpsilonGalencia Khaos SphereHalloweenHalo JonesJudge DeathLock OnMurder!Operation Thunderbolt V1Paradroid V1Space RaiderStorm WarriorStrider USATime Scanner V1Toms RevengeTop WrestlingTrojanVirusWinnetouWonderboy V1

See you all next month!

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