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A short entry for a Hungarian text adventure that has been saved by Csaba Virag, and one which doesn’t seem to be yet preserved.

We’re not sure what the intention was for the game, if it was commercial or just done for fun. We believe that it is complete though and hope to learn more about the title in the future.

Thanks to contributor Gergely Sinkó, we learn more about the game. Over to Gergely:

“The game can be listed and translated from Hungarian, and because of that I can extract a bit of information on what the game is all about.

The game is a short fantasy adventure that spans 15 rooms. Controls are limited to four directions (north, south, east, west) and six commands (fight, use, take, inventory, talk and give) plus one can give up and restart by pressing F8. The fight command leads to a simple fight system that is basically a loop that clashes two combinations of “dexterity” plus a random number to decide who gets hit and how hard until one side loses their HP. Both the dexterity and HP can be viewed with the inventory command.

The story of the game is as written on the screenshot: Arthur is a young elf who went walking on a field. Suddenly the ground opened up beneath his feet and he fell about 10 meters on top of some soft soil, so he ended up unharmed. However the walls of the pit were steep and slippery so he couldn’t just climb back and had to look for another way out.

Talking with characters in the game, the player can figure out the rest of the plot: Arthur is now in an underground kingdom, once ruled by King Macaroni, but the throne was usurped by his cousin Comrade Spaghetti. Arthur has to defeat Spaghetti so Macaroni can be put back into power, and he can finally leave through the northern gate of the throne room.

This is as much as I could figure out by simply looking at the code. The game is complete, and I think it can be upgraded relatively easily, so I’ll do just that. Once I’m done with the upgrade I’ll make an English translation as well. Sadly I found nothing reliable on the author but I think it’s doubtful that this game was meant to be released commercially.”

Thanks Gergely for helping shed some light, and we look forward to seeing the English translation version of the game!

Contributions: Csaba Virag, Gergely Sinkó

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21/05/24 – Brilliant dissection work by Gergely Sinkó to shed light on the game.

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  1. It looks like an interesting game and story according to this screenshot. Thanks!

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