Galencia Khaos Sphere

Jason Aldred

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5


Our next entry is for a title that unfortunately had a successful Kickstarter campaign, but seems to have been abandoned without any further updates from the developer since 2019.

A number of updates were made on the Kickstarter page, but then the developer hit some medical issues and then went completely off the grid. As a result, there have been quite a few disgruntled backers who have taken to the comments section, frustrated after the lack of transparency and progress.

It’s a huge shame, as there was a lot of promise for the sequel, especially after the success of the first game. At the start, there were plenty of updates and progress reports and the game was looking really good.

At one stage, Jason did release a very early preview, which you can download below. We have also collated some concepts/screens that were shown on the Kickstarter page and also Protovision’s own page on the game.

We later then added graphics that were contributed to the game by ZombiWorkshop/LucanMonks and also Daniel Melendez (who sent over a ton of concept materials!), and these can now be found within the gallery below.

Daniel revealed that the blueprints were supposed to be included with the game as goodies in the form of wall-posters. The designs also appeared in the demo as 3D-renders, and some of the enemies would be shown the same way, as pre-rendered graphics. The rest were supposed to be used as concept art.

Then ZombiWorkshop found a series of promo pieces that they were thinking of using, that led to the pixel art posters in the main game. They were drawn up as artwork first, and then translated later to pixel art.

It is hoped that the game will eventually be picked up and finished, but there had been a strong possibility that Jason passed away in 2021. Thankfully, it has been confirmed that this was a different person, after finding that Jason has been active on Github more recently in 2024 and with age differences too.

Contributions: Protovision (for additional screens from site), ZombiWorkshop/LucanMonks, Daniel Melendez, Marcin ''Tenchi'' Świętoniewski, C64Glen

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Update history

  • 06/06/24 – Update about Jason.
  • 09/05/24 – Added more assets thanks to Marcin ”Tenchi” Świętoniewski
  • 30/04/24 – Added further graphics that were intended for the game.
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  1. Hi!

    This is Dany Quest, from Commodore64 Club… I was an active side of this game, and I have a stuff that can be included in this entry… Nothing executable, doh, only concepts :) I’ll try to send them to you … (not my first time sending you things :D)

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