Desert Moves

1992 Dinamic Software

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and PC

Very short entry for now until we get more details, though it has been revealed thanks to JazzGhostrider and Lemon64 forum member ricky006 that by completing Arctic Moves on the PC, you are congratulated by a message that mentions Desert Moves as the next game.

There is also a mention in this article too, which may have come from the ending as well. Then the Spanish edition of Retro Gamer (issue 32) revealed in an article about Arctic Moves a bit more about the apparent sequel. Victor Ruiz (creator of the saga) would confirm details with the following:

“The Desert Moves thing at the end of the game was put in without much intention, to continue with the tradition, but without the idea of ​​making a new game. That said, It is clear that the idea was to make a trilogy that ended with Arctic Moves, although we will always have doubts.”

So, this unfortunately confirms that nothing was ever started in the end, and the only other sequel would be an unofficial sequel in the form of Space Moves (which you can see more details in the scans). Case closed!

With thanks to JazzGhostrider and ricky006 for flagging up and for the scans.


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