3 Days In Carpathia

Ram Jam Corp

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“3 Days” was originally to be the sequel to the popular “Valkyrie 17” game by George Stone and The Ramjam Corp.

The game was to be a text adventure, which was written using “The Biro”. Featuring character set screens, livened up with moving sprites (Including a dodo which fixated on you as its mother when it hatched), the game was shaping up well. All words in the adventure were in Carpathian, until you found a dictionary in the game.

Promising indeed, though it is unknown why it was never released, or even how far exactly it got. Its unlikely that it was finished, due to sources revealed below. Ram Jam were never too popular after the dire “Explorer” game they released for Electric Dreams, but with the guy mentioned next, maybe they were finally onto something…

Hugh Riley, popular for his work on Last Ninja 2, worked on this game a few years earlier. Thanks to Hugh and Jazzcat for his interview, we are now able to see some of the remains of 3 Days. Although not much, you can see some of the graphics in action which Hugh managed to salvage from some of his disks. This was in 2001, when GTW was in hibernation… so its only now in 2005 we’ve realised it was salvaged! 🙂

It’s believed that more exists, and Hugh will hopefully find more in the future. But its a start, and a big find! Hugh previously had provided GTW with some screenshots of this interesting little game under Shot Scans.

Thanks to contributor Strident, we learn that the development was pretty troubled throughout. Within the October 1986 adventure column in Your Sinclair magazine (pg69), Ramjam had decided that the game would no longer be a sequel to Valkyrie 17.  A true sequel would be released at a later date.

Contributions: Jazzcat, Hugh Riley, Strident

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  1. Definitely a text adventure with a turbulent development history… its place as a sequel to Valkyrie 17 seemed in flux too…

    According to page 69 of the October 1986 adventure column in Your Sinclair, Ramjam had decided that Three Days in Carpathia was no longer the sequel to Valkyrie 17, and would be a completely different adventure, with a true sequel Valkyrie 18/Valkyrie II released later.

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