3D Pool V1


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A very small entry for what was an earlier edition of 3D Pool being written for Firebird, by none other than Paul Hughes.

Nick Pelling had just completed the BBC Micro edition, and Paul was taken in by the amazing achievement by Nick. So Paul took it on himself as an exercise initially to convert the game to the C64.

It seems that the 19yr old Paul had got pretty far too, actually almost complete – all bar a front end. The game apparently also ran very closely to the same speed as the eventual C64 version, even looking very close in look and style. Once things got to a great stage of completion, Paul then decided to pitch it to Firebird – but unfortunately Nick Pelling had already just about completed his own C64 version – and went with that version.

We are also not sure if anything exists of this earlier edition, but Paul has recently found some hand scrawled notes from around 1988, which hopefully he will soon scan and we’ll be able to add to here. Could the game itself be found to show what alternatively the game could have been like?

Unfortunately it is very likely that the game has gone forever – Paul doesn’t hold much hope of it turning up. But you never know! At the very least, we may get to see some notes regarding the game’s development.

For the completed game that was released, check out the game at Gamebase64: http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=4563&d=18&h=0

More soon we hope!

Contributions: Paul Hughes

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