BMX Racers V1


Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5

An interesting entry for our next GTW comes in the shape of another title which may have had similar issues like Chiller did, and by the same company and development crew.

You may recall that Chiller had an alternative version with Michael Jackson’s Thriller music included, which was taken off the shelves. Well, BMX Racers could well have had a similar situation.

Commodore User magazine reviewed a version of the game which featured a Granny with a stick, moving cars and another biker. Where as it seems the common version of the game actually is quite different, with a completely different track layout, no Granny sprite and a rest at the end of each part. The more common version seems like it was done in an enhanced version of the Games Creator editor (or similar code base at least), where as the original was done purely in Games Creator.

It seems almost that the second game is more sophisticated, so maybe it was decided to flesh the game out a bit more after being criticized for being too simple?

According to contributor, Sean O’Neill (who highlighted this game to us), there was a comment from someone that suggests they brought the first version, but a week later they were offered the 2nd version. So what happened?

Do you have a copy of the original tape with the original game? Maybe its time to dig out your copies and see which one you have? And what is the story behind this game?

Contributions: Sean O'Neill, Andrew Fisher

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5 Responses to BMX Racers V1

  1. I had this version which I bought at a local video rental shop when Mastertronic first came on the scene, I did not know until years later when I started emulating that there was another version. Unfortunately I had to get rid of all my tapes when immigrating, so gone now!

  2. @Nomadski BMX Bandits was an Australian movie from 1983 featuring Nicole Kidman released in UK as well, maybe they had to change the initial title for copyright reasons?

  3. I wasn’t aware there were different versions but I can remember my copy had crazy grans in it and I swear it was called BMX Bandits, not BMX Racers. But looking at the screenies it was definitely this game.

    Wonder if they changed name due to the film with the same name?

    Bought in UK, published by Mastertronic.

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