3D Roam


Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5

3D Roam was a game which was due to be released by Swedish company Handic back in the early 80’s, but sadly was never to be (for reasons as yet unknown). It was to be part of a trilogy of games by Arne Fernlund, consisting of Space Action, Space Trap and 3D Roam.

It is believed that the game was possibly dropped due to Handic not feeling the 3D glasses element was too much to add to the release. The game actually does support 3D glasses, and according to sources seems to work very well.

The game is a 3D based game where you control a snake robot in space, with a great looking moving starfield and special effects as you destroy as many Ploffs and Blurps as possible with the snake robot after picking up a special power pill. It’s a very nice game for its age, and a huge shame it never got released.

The game was recently released by Genesis Project and salvaged from Arne’s own work tape, with the final finished copy salvaged after 30 years of gathering dust. It has been a brilliant find, and yet another long lost game saved!

Contributions: Genesis Project

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