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A short entry for a title flagged up to us by Dan Warren, which is listed as being a Ubi Soft game – but from a bit of initial digging around, we couldn’t find any reference to it online apart from its entry in GB64.

The game is a neat looking isometric game (like Head Over Heels) and was written and designed by a chap called Frederic Kauffman, and is listed as a 1988 release – however it doesn’t seem to be finished, as there is no sprite collision or anything to actually do.

What was this game exactly and was it really for Ubisoft? And how did it sneak out?

Possibly only Frederic himself may know, so hopefully in time we will find him to ask him more about the game. In the meantime, do you know anything about it? Maybe it was finished under a different name?

Contributions: Dan Warren, Gamebase 64

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