Ace In The Hole


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Text adventure from Kayde who went into administration at the 26th August 1983. Did Spectrum releases, tried to do C64 and Vic 20 ones, which never seemed to surface.

The game in the advert (Two adverts were submitted by Peter Weighill – Ad1, Ad2) was described as follows:

"The H.O.L.E is the code name for the Humane Orbital Legislation Enforcer. If is little more than a place of termination. Ace Brannigan, you are about to face the hazards of the H.O.L.E. Can you survive long enough to reach the shuttle craft and freedom? Will you trigger one of the deadly devices that are set to bring about your demise?"

We don’t know how far the game got exactly, but do you know any more?

Can you help?

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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  1. Anyone got a BASIC listing for Ace In The H.O.L.E by KAYDE Software from 1983. Was the NewBrain version ever released. Thanks

    • Sadly not, otherwise we’d have the download here. The C64 edition is one we’re trying to find, and if we do find it – it will likely be a BASIC game. Not sure on the NewBrain version unfortunately, as we’ve only been focusing on trying to locate the C64 edition. If we get hold of the developers, we’ll try and find out about any other versions that never made it :)

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