Ace Of Hearts


Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Another poker game, with an element of women in it… After the dire Sam Fox Strip Poker game, companies still persisted to create a ultimate strip poker game.

A bit after the C64’s commercial death, Martin Olsen attempted his own version, featuring 5 different women and 5 comprimising shots for each one. Obviously you had to be good at poker to get anywhere at those naughty pictures. I wasn’t anyway! ;)

Unfortunatly for some, the game never really got past the first woman, according to its preview, though i’m sure Martin could shed more on the game once we find him. But if you were after convincing digital C64 images, then you would not get it here.

Some nice presentation and a reasonable effort of Poker on the C64, is all but currently remains, and if there were anymore done on the game, it remains lost to the scene.

A game which still is yet to show a winning hand…

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