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Brought to my attention by Jason Kelk, AD Infinitum is a early version of W.A.R which was released by Martech in 1986.

You may wonder what a game like this is doing in the GTW archives, but you will notice that the final game compared to this, is a lot different from this preview.

For instance, in this preview your ship can turn both directions like Uridium, but in the released W.A.R game, you can only travel one direction.

You’ll also notice that the title screen has a font very similiar to Andrew Braybook’s own in Uridium. It seemed that AD Infinitum was dubbed too similiar to Uridium, so they cut the double scrolling and added extra bits to try and cover up the fact that it was a Uridium clone.

Essentially the original W.A.R game was scrapped to make way for a new version to keep legal eagles out of the way. Sadly it ruined the game, and eventually only the Hubbard music was any good.

Just how far the first version got before it made the scrapheap, we don’t quite know. Stoat and Tim are present on the internet, so hopefully we can throw some questions their way about the game. This could be all that exists of W.A.R version 1.

More soon we hope…

Contributions: Jason Kelk

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