Alien Realms

Commodore Force

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Yet another lost SEUCK title, by Asif A Bhagwandin for Commodore Force magazine.

This was an awesome Forgotten Worlds clone just like TAB, and featured very colourful graphics similiar to Creatures (but totally original graphics). According to Asif, this was a pretty darn fine effort and considered to be his best.

Commodore Force were sent a tape containing both Blue Encounter and Alien Realms, and they wished to publish both. Blue Encounter was seen as the poorer game, but good enough for the tape. They were to save Alien Realms to later do a write up on and launch on their covermount. Asif was told that the game was far better than most commercial games out there.

Sadly, the game was due for an issue beyond the last issue of Commodore Force, and no doubt was penned for issue 17/18 of the magazine. The game remained unreleased and Asif later lost all his disks sadly due to flood damage. Last chances of finding the game now remain with his friends having a copy of the game, or possibly someone from the Commodore Force days still having all the tapes and disks from back then. Its unlikely… Asif was however paid for his efforts, but would desperately like to see his work again.

Check out the Creator Speaks page to hear in Asif’s own words…

More needed, but the search begins….

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Creator speaks

Asif speaks to GTW about work on Alien Realms...

"Supposedly published by Commodore Force …

It was the game I always wanted to make…forgotten world style firing, but very colourful… with a colour pallet similar to Creatures, but totally original graphics… and it was pretty dammn good ?

I send a tape to Commodore Force containing both Blue Encounter and Alien Realms to Commodore Force… they wanted to publish both.., Blue Encounter was the lesser game so they would put that on cover tape first …then do a write up on the other game Alien Realms.. They even told me it was better than most commercial games out there… Ian Osborne even called me regarding the game which to my impressionable teenage mind was like speaking to a minor deity ?

They paid me for both and the first magazine came out with Blue Encounter… then the whole magazine disappeared.. I think there was a problem with the publishing company at the time…

Unfortunately they never returned my disk with either game… I’ve since search every commodore ROM site for a copy of Alien Realms but never found one… I’m guessing its probably on one of the issues after issue 12 of Commodore Force…(maybe issue 13?), but I’ve never manages to find copies of the mag after issue 12… don’t even know if it made it to the cover tapes..

It still hurts thinking about it…
For that game I’d pay a lot to find a copy… anyways I’ll let you know if I find a copy of T.A.B"

Asif A Bhagwandin.

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