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A new game, and one which we believe may not have had a release. This game was sold to Popular Computing Weekly by
a young Ste Pattullo at the young age of 16 for around £100.

The game is kind of a still screen version of Uridium (looks wise), where you must get to the end of the screen while avoiding enemies. It is quite simplistic, and you should not expect anything too advanced here. This was the early days of Ste’s coding, where things were coming together. The majority of the work was done in BASIC.

This is what Ste had to say about the game…

“UFO 2… Oh dear! Published in 1986 by Popular Computing Weekly. It was hyped up somewhat by the magazine, but who cares. It made me a few hundred quid at 16 yrs of age!”

The game was therefore fully completed, and we don’t know what has prevented its release for so long. Now we unleash the game into the world for people to check out. UFO 1 was actually published by PCW in the same year, and Ste got paid £300 for his original efforts. It was a BASIC listing. UFO2 unfortunately was not so lucky to get released, although Ste was paid for his work.

Already as we open the case on this game, we close…

Contributions: Ste Pattullo

Supporting content

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