All dogs go to heaven


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A very quick entry for a game which is essentially confirmed as vapourware, but was actually being planned for a C64 release back in 1990.

Empire were busy negotiating for the rights to a number of Don Bluth games, including Dragons Lair 2, Space Ace and also All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Although ST and Amiga conversions were agreed and eventually released, it was decided that the C64 market was not suitable for the game, considering they felt that the game would take up 6 disk sides. Ian Higgins at the time , who was negotiating the deal, suggested if there was any interest in doing a cut down version instead. There was no response on this, and so the development was canned before it could really be started.

Or was it started? There is currently no evidence that the game was in development or not started at all, so it remains open to see if there was any concept work done. The game itself was a set of mini games all strung together, and it wasn’t too well recieved at the time – so possibly we didn’t miss much. But of course we are still curious as to what happened and to see something of it.

Well, in October 2013 – contributor Romppainen spotted an ebay auction selling a selection of Vidpro cards. These were cards that used to be on display in the likes of Toys R Us in the USA, where you took the card and went up to the pay register to get your game. In the auction there was a All Dogs Go To Heaven card with a clear Commodore label on it. Was this really a C64 version being sold, or merely a mistake? We’ve added the scan regardless.

Hopefully we’ll get confirmation soon of just how far it got!

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02/10/2013 – Romppainen spots Ebay auction for cards where you could take it to a till to get the game. All Dogs Go To Heaven had a C64 label on it…. a mistake perhaps? Scan added to site.

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