Arc Angel

CP Verlag

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

What seems to be a very promising preview at the start, with a lot of really nice glossy presentation and graphics – when you start this preview, you are pretty much greeted by a static bitmap and some test sprites flying around.

You a ship that you can move up and down from the far right of the screen, but that is it. The indication was that the game was due to be a sort of side-on Galaxian game with different bitmap backgrounds.

Promising it does look – but did it ever get any further than this? At the time CP Verlag may have been winding up on their C64 productions, and this could have been a casulty as a result.

D-Lite have done a number of games on the C64, so we hope to find out soon a bit more about their titles and if any of them ever progressed any further.

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