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Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

From the creator of Quota, and friend of ex-Commodore Zone editor Jason Kelk, came "Argo", which was described as a cross between Quedex and Delta.

The game was divided into two different sections, one in similiar vein to Quedex, and the other as a sideways SEU like Delta.

Information on publishing details is so far unknown, and hopefully Jason can enlighten GTW some more on this subject. Its likely that the game was planned for commercial release, as with Chris Young’s other projects.

According to Jason Kelk, the game has been completed, as there were mention of a final version. However, this has unfortunatly not been found, but a version close to final.

Jason was to originally fix the game for readers of Commodore Zone magazine, though since the magazine’s demise, the game is now in limbo once more. Progress will try to be made to find out where the game can go from here on, and if GTW will someday be able to use the game within its archives.

An exciting potential game for GTW in the future…

Contributions: Jason Kelk

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