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Not much was known about this game originally, apart from that it was by Realtime Software. This was for the Commodore 64 version only, and other 8-bit versions were to follow at a later date.

There was never a review of the game or anything else shown apart from adverts it seems. So did the company collapse before the game could be released, or was it just cancelled for other reasons?

Thanks to Pete Weighill, we learn what the game was going to be like…

The game was not a shoot-em-up like their 3D Starstrike releases, but was a new arcade adventure that starred the legendary hero Jason (as in Jason and the Argonauts) in search of the Golden Fleece.

The game would have contained around 30 screens of highly detailed graphics along with some equally detailed game play. The game was due for release just after the Christmas period for £7.95, but never quite made it.

We got in touch with Andy Onions who confirmed that the game was a graphically rich adventure scroller, for the Commodore 64 only. The game was being developed by both Graeme Baird (one of Andy’s colleagues at Realtime Games Software) and another guy called John Knox – who had no affiliation to Realtime, but was on a computing degree around the same time as Graeme, Ian Oliver and Andy. We believe that it is the same John Knox who has a few other titles unreleased to his name.

Although there were adverts for the game, Andy suggests that nothing really came of it. The adverts were placed 2-3 months ahead of time, with Graeme and John theoretically working on the game over the summer period. They got their attentions diverted unfortunately, and it would never see completion.

It is hoped that we can get hold of Graeme and John to find out more and see how far it got, even see if something may still exist of this intriguing game.

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Dan Warren, Andy Onions

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29/07/20 – Andy Onions gives some crucial information about the game, including credits!

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