Astaroth: Angel Of Death


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Also known as: Astaroth: Angel Of Death

A very short entry for what could just be a mistake in the press.

Astaroth: Angel of Death was an average game released on the Amiga/ST in 1989 by Hewson software, which was a scrolling platformer game.

Greek magazine “Pixel” (a reliable and famous 8/16-bit magazine of the time) had a review of the Amiga version, which stated that a C64, CPC and ZX version was being released too. However, the adverts at the time for the game in magazines, have no indication of an 8-bit version – so did Pixel get it wrong accidentally?

Well, Games Machine and Crash magazine also had news that the game was due for release in November 1988 – so it seems there was very likely 8-bit versions planned at least.

The game also had a different name at some point too – as you can see in the alternative name.

More info needed – but a quick entry added for now.

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26/07/16 – Alternative name and additional news source listed.

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  1. Hi

    Maybe you could check out the Hewson softgraphy on their Wiki ( Although by now it’s far from being complete, it includes some unreleased and MIA games not included on this website.

    On the other hand, the 8 bit versions of Astaroth were probably planned in very early stages but the game was quite average and flopped on 16 bit, so I don’t think it ever started its development on 8 bit machines. I think all those magazines (including the Spectrum ones), were quite vague in their statements about this game and others like Custodian, assuming they were going to be released on every 8 and 16 bit platform on earth. But reality is that in 1989 Hewson was struggling to survive with its original products and scarce production in a very competitive environment full of movie and arcade licence tie-ins where the 8 bit market was fading and 16 bit market wasn’t big enough yet.

    Astaroth was released around July 1989. That year Hewson was clearly switching their focus from 8 bit to 16 bit machines. For example, in 1989 they only released two “full price” games for the 8 bit market: Stormlord and Maze Mania and just one in 1990, Stormlord’s sequel, Deliverance. Even more, the only 16 bit game ported to 8 bit machines was John Phillip’s Eliminator in 1988, all the other 16 bit titles they released until 1991 weren’t ported to 8 bit machines.

    All the best


    • Thanks Pablo, I think you are right – it is very likely that nothing was ever started due to support being switched over. The magazines at the time often took snippets from publishers and made assumptions on the platforms being covered too. I guess they assumed Hewson would be supporting the 8-bit platforms as well as the 16-bits for all their releases.

  2. Initially the game’s name was “Azimodius: The Angel of Death”

    Also there is a reference here
    “Asimodius – The Angel Of Death is another arcade adventure from Hewson waiting for a November release.”
    (crash51 apr 1988 ,page 118)

    One last word
    Another Andrew Hewson interview

    “Do you have unreleased games to mention ?
    No, there’s nothing lingering at the back of a cupboard somewhere. At least not from me.”

    Btw As a side effect the “Roadstar XRI”case is closed

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