Automatic Battle Computer


Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

You may recall the impressive Metalwars which currently sits in GTW at the moment, with its flashy bitmap levels that sadly never got completed.

Well, A.B.C was the predecessor to Metalwars, where the game was a shoot-em-up which had a regular character based theme to its levels, and no bitmapped levels in sight.
It was in development by the same guys, Henk Dekker as coder and Robert Tan as the graphics man.

Similiar to Metal Wars, the game had a large board computer at the top half of the screen.

Sadly, as the game wasn’t really containing that extra special gameplay, the guys lost interest in the game and it was sadly scrapped. Apparently it was nowhere near as interesting as Metalwars.. but it would be interesting to see this game aswell maybe?

Well, the game somehow managed to sneak out, unknown to Henk, and it was a fellow GTW contributor Bayban who managed to track it down for us!

And thats it really… check out what Henk has to say about the game in Creator Speaks!

So time will tell on this title, but an interesting one to wonder about. If you are really curious, check out Metalwars for now.

Case closed…

Contributions: Henk Dekker, Bayban

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Henk Dekker speaks to GTW about work on Automatic Battle Computer...

"A.B.C. (for "Automatic Battle Computer") was sort of a predecessor of Metalwars that Robert and I made for the C64. It also was a shoot'em up, but with a regular textscreen scroll instead of bitmaps. Like Metalswars, it also has a large 'board computer' on the top half of the screen. And like Metalwars, the gameplay was quite boring and we also never finished it. ;-)

I'm not sure whether we ever properly released a preview/demo version of A.B.C. And I'm not sure whether it's still somewhere around on one of my tapes or disks. It might be lost completely.

I just tried a search with Google, but I didn't find anything useful on "Automatic Battle Computer". The terms "A.B.C." and "c64" result in lots of links to the famous ABC group, but nothing on the game. So it will probably be hard or maybe impossible to find anything on the game.
But A.B.C. was less interesting than Metalswars anyway."

Henk Dekker.

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