Babies of the Dirt


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This rather oddly named title was to be released in the US by a company called EnTech, and was believed to be an arcade action game where you must go underground and defeat the ‘Babies of the Dirt’, and also watch out for ‘Mother’, who I assume was some kind of enemy that would hunt you down in the game. The game was advertised in a few early magazines of the time.

Nothing much else is known about the title at all, though the following web page did some research over 10 years ago and had confirmation from a Matthew Stern (Entech’s PR rep at the time) that the game was never released.

However, the music oddly surfaced in the “Studio 64” package that Entech did release, which you can find a download of here. Its possible that the person who developed Studio 64, may have done Babies of the Dirt perhaps?

Well, it was confirmed via a video at by Matthew that the game was to be developed by Ray Soular, but it was never finished. Matthew also never saw anything of the game either. It could be that only the music has survived afterall.

More information needed – is there a concept demo out there, but also why was it cancelled and how did it actually play?

Thanks to Marco Das, Lawrence Fletcher and Benji Edwards for the scans also added to this page from the above source. Also Max Mirni for flagging up the video interview with Matthew Stern.

Contributions: Marco Das,, Lawrence Fletcher, Max Mirini, Matthew Stern

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12/05/2023 – Video interview with Matthew referencing the game, thanks to Max Mirini

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