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A quick entry for a title that was spotted by Martin/Stadium64. Although there is a “European SuperLeague – Football Fortunes 2.” by CDS, “European Superleague” was confusingly a completely different title with a similar name.

An interview can be found here with the author of Football Fortunes 2:

Versions were released for the Spectrum, but the C64 version is very much at large, even though mentioned in the manual. Was it ever released or even started though?

Contributions: Martin/Stadium64, Marty Neill

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  1. Guys we’re remaking Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes. European Super League – Football Fortunes 2 and European Super League are two completely different titles. The box was reused for Football Fortunes 2, this is the only commonality.

    Here’s an interview with the creator of Football Fortunes 2 with much more detail

    • Thanks Marty! Quickly updating the page with the interview link. Would be great to find the different version.

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