Beast Busters


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Our next GTW entry is yet another arcade conversion that never was, this time in the shape of a SNK arcade conversion of a game called Beast Busters. The game was described by magazines such as YC (issue 73) as truely the most violent and bad taste coin-op of them all. The game is very much like Op Wolf, but you wander around killing zomibies and other assorted undead.

The conversion was listed in the likes of Commodore Format and YC, but it never quite surfaced – although it did come out on the Amiga/ST
However the conversion wasn’t that great, so maybe we didn’t really miss out *that* much?

We know very little about the C64 conversion, if it ever got started, who would have done it etc. Activision pretty much dried up on their 8-bit output by 1990, so really it could be the true reason why we never saw the game. But this doesn’t mean that something wasn’t started – and so we will try and find out what we can and see if something was started. Could it have been as good as Ocean’s Space Gun?

We hope to find out more about this one soon!…

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