Big Run


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Big Run was the Jaleco coin-op based on the Paris to Dakkar rally which includes a very tough rally car which can be crashed into anything and still plod on.

Popular in the arcades, this C64 conversion was part of Storm’s sudden interest in the C64 and from the games that finally made it, this game could have been good. The game became news in issues of Zzap and Commodore Format, talking of Storm’s new releases. Storm took a very long time to release their games and many including this game, just never appeared.

Thanks to Neil Grayson of the Commodore Format archive, we learnt that the end of the Rodland demo on Commodore Format’s Power Pack 12 has an advert for the game (see gallery). The game was listed as being due for release in January 1992.

Rob Whitaker however confirmed to GTW that this game was never started. It seems that only 16-bit editions would be released in the end – perhaps being felt that the C64 couldn’t do a decent conversion.

So this means that the case for this game can finally be closed, with a title where there is nothing to look for. Had the game been done, the graphics would have been by Rob.

Not much of a “Run” for this game… Case closed!

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