Bobby Bounce Back

Dynamic Developments

Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

Bobby Bounce Back, was being done for Dynamic Developments, a relatively unknown company – according to Wayne Billingham. The game was being written by Chris Walsh (Creator of Murder! on the C64) and Wayne Billingham (Alien Storm and Mega Twins graphics), who were creating a game which borrowed a bit here and there from Bubble Bobble. Essentially it was a kind of Bubble Bobble clone with trampolines.

The game was completed after a lot of hard work, but the publisher sadly went down the pan and the game wasn’t touted to other publishers. Chris Walsh went onto other projects such as Murder and Bobby Bounce Back was long forgotten about.

In recent times Wayne got in touch with GTW and sent us a load of disks and tapes… on these were various preview states of Bobby Bounce Back, but best of all was a tape with the *full* game fully preserved as it pretty much would have been released! GTW is proud to finally present to you the full game and all its preview versions (Which are quite different!) and graphic files!

We wouldn’t have the full game preserved though if it wasn’t for “The Chaos Engineer”, who very kindly fixed up the heavily bugged TAP images which you can now try out and play the game. “Glenn Rune Gallefoss” and “Skeletor” have also been beavering away at ripping everything from tape and producing an awesome Disk version of the full game. A big hats off to these guys!

The game is massive and comes with 70-80 levels in total and with a proper ending screen. The game’s main character looks like Titanic Blinky with a hi-res overlay. It has its issues, but its a neat and fun little game with some great graphics and good music. It is kind of a Super Seymour style game and we are really happy to have salvaged it from obscurity. But also its previews too, which contain different music and also different graphics in places. We have tried to preserve it all, and you can check it all out from the download links above.

So basically apart from hearing from Wayne and Chris about the game, sit back, download and enjoy this lovely game – we only *just* got ready for the Christmas update 2007 :)

Contributions: Wayne Billingham, Glenn Rune Gallefoss, Skeletor, The Chaos Engineerer

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  1. Great to see this is available. I was the programmer ( along with my artist friend ) who were commisioned to do a Spectrum port of this game back in the 80’s. The code was finished and ready to go, but as noted in the above article the publisher folded. Shame really as in my opinion the Spectrum version was on a par with the C64 one and was a reasonably good port of it :) I should get in touch with Chris Walsh sometime.

    • Thanks Steve, that is a shame to hear about the Spectrum version also not making it. It would be great to see the game released some day like the C64 edition!

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