Boulderdash Clone


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

A working title, but a Bolderdash Clone was indeed in production with graphics being carefully pixelled by Shaun Pearson. Code was being done by Simon (Uzzy) Collis of Entropy.

What can be said about the game, apart from that interest was apparently lost while developing the game, and it was prompty cancelled. Shaun had done some sprites and graphics, including a main character which was constructed in Blackmail’s HISP editor and used 7 overlaid sprites.

According to Shaun, there was a level editor built for building all the levels, which he apparently used. It may be down to Simon to finding anything of the game though, as Shaun may only now have the graphics for the game.

We are not quite sure how far the game got, but we believe that the graphics probably got further than the actual code did.

Bolderdash fans might have had something special here, but will we ever know?… Hopefully someday soon we will bring you something of this intriguing title, including maybe a name :-)

Let the search begin!…

Contributions: Shaun Pearson

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