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Our next title comes from an advert which actually advertises about 2 other titles which never saw the light of day, Sabian Island and Solar Warrior.

Bounce is mainly described in the advert as an arcade adventure on the planet D49 as you try to collect the crystals of ZEB from inside a pyramid. If you make one mistake and your transporter flies out of control.

Basically we assume that you control a moon buggy type character, which bounces around the screen (possibly a side on view). This is based on looking at the game cover, but you can’t really judge a game by its cover, as the old saying goes.

Apart from that, we know little about this game, so it could be a long slog trying to find anything out on it. Skyslip Software don’t seem to be a company that was around for very long, so current assumptions are that the games were being produced, but the company collapsed before any of them were released. So many games unreleased, something like that is probably what happened.

Much more research needed for this one, but check out the scan for the time being.

Do you know anything about this game?…

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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