Boombastic Benny


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

This is probably the most similar looking Dynablaster game which you will find on the C64 in terms of its graphics. Very much faithful to the original classic.

This preview is however a little slower paced than the original, but just as fun. Bomb all the other creatures or bomb your friends, this game has always been addictive.

What with some already good playable bomberman clones out there, this one would have had some very big competition, but so far from looking at the preview, it could have held its own.

Unfortunatly, the game never progressed past its preview stage which is a great shame. This was confirmed by one of the game’s developers themselves.

What has been shown to GTW, is a slightly more advanced preview which actually contains music and sound effects. This has been added to the archive above for you to check out. It adds something slightly extra to what is already a great little preview.

However, recently for the Freestyle Jam which is being ran in 2007 – This game has been modified and finished off for the competition… though minus its multiplayer mode. It has been called Bomberman 64. We believe that the guys also plan to finish Boombastic Benny and release to the world, complete with possibly 4-5 players!! :-)

We are hoping soon to have some paragraphs spoken from the authors themselves very soon, so we can find out more about this interesting little Polish title…

Classy looking bomberman clone…

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