Brecon Street

Nathan J

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

A trip to my local computer shop (Level Up Games) in Canterbury usually unearths a few C64 gems from time to time, but this time in the bargain bin – I noticed a few C64 disks sitting loose. Most were blank, and were likely to have backed up games on – but you never know what you might find.

Apart from some KCS Power Cartridge backups (thanks Jason Kelk for the heads up about the odd backup format), there was an odd set of Graphic Adventure Creator files labelled “BRECONSTREET”.

Loading it up shows what seems to be a home attempt at making an adventure game, which was getting on well – apart from a few odd instruction sequences required to make much progress. I ended up collecting several presents, but not knowing up to put under the tree!

It is very unlikely to be complete, and was probably mapped around the author’s home at the time. Date wise, the game is probably from about 1990-91 – due to some of the file back ups that were present. The author we believe was a chap called “Nathan J”. Hopefully by chance the author may look online for his game and come across this page.

So just a small piece of homebrew preserved. Along with the game are some BASIC programs of what seems to be the start of a Cricket and Football game that never made it. Really simple stuff, but included so its out there.

If you know anything about this really obscure adventure game – please let us know!

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  1. A quick search of Google maps doesn’t find a Brecon Street in Canterbury, or anywhere near Kent. Unsurprisingly there are a few in Wales – Cardiff, Aberdare and Boverton all boast one, as to Liverpool, Hull, Northampton and Queenstown, New Zealand. Gamebase sadly doesn’t have any games by a Nathan whose surname begins with J. Probably nothing of real use there. Any other slivers of clue as to the setting or family of the coder, assuming it to be true to life? Does the sports game code hint at a hometown or favourite team?

    • I had the same results Martin – it could just be that Brecon Street was a made up name. Difficult to say, as it depends if the disks came from the original developer, or were passed on several times through collectors.

      No clues unfortunately in the football games either – though Liverpool and Northampton Town feature highly in the teams listings – but I think that is co-incidental.

      Only other thing could be to take apart the adventure game and load up in GAC (if that is possible) and see if there are any unused references that give anything away.

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