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Bronnoyquest was a jokey adventure game which was written by Ruben Spaans (aka Scroll/Megastyle). Ruben explains more about the game and how it came about:

"It started out as a very silly adventure game made by me and a friend in 1992 in an adventure game maker on the PC. The game pretty much only contains inside humour, so other people are not likely to enjoy it, and it is virtually impossible to complete without a walkthrough. "Brønnøy" in the name refers to the town I grew up in (Brønnøysund). In 1995 I ported it to the C64, writing my own engine in BASIC.

In 1998 I used a PC program called Inform which is an adventure game compiler outputting story files compatible with Infocom’s Z-machine, which is a virtual machine running Infocom’s old text adventure games. I stole the Z-machine interpreter from one of the Infocom games (don’t remember which one) and inserted my own story file. The contents of the .d64 file should not be validated, as the story is stored directly in the blocks that are marked as used."

The game was actually finished, and Ruben very kindly passed on the two versions mentioned to share with you. As mentioned, it might be tricky to get through the game without knowing some of the inside jokes – but worth a look for sure!

Another one preserved!…. Case closed!

Contributions: Jazzcat, Ruben Spaans

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