Lumberjack Deluxe


Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

A very quick entry for a game that was submitted by Roy Widding for the GTW archives.

This is a cool unfinished game that was to be a deluxe version of the great 4k Lumberjack game that was part of the 2016 RESET Craptastic 4kb Game Compo. The game is certainly not crap at all, and is a great fun and deviously addictive title. The deluxe version was of course to expand and add a lot more presentational features, gameplay elements to stretch beyond the 4k limitations.

The developer Roy Widding (Rotteroy/Megastyle) unfortunately lost interest during the process creating the game. They have now been uploaded to CSDB, and now also to GTW64 as abandoned titles.

A shame, as both Flyboy and Lumberjack Deluxe are both very playable titles. Though sometimes these things just happen, and i’m sure that Roy will be back with another new title soon.

Contributions: Roy Widding

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