Bryan Robson’s Super League

Paul Lamond Games

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Way back in Commodore User issue 25 (October 1985) is how far we’re travelling for our next entry in the Games That Weren’t database.

This time with a board game related title in the shape of Bryan Robson’s Super League, released by Paul Lamond Games.

With the game, you would build up a team to try and win the league, battling against chance and hazards depicted by weather, bank managers and other such things. The games are mapped out across the game board which comes as part of the package.

The review in Commodore User was not too favourable, and felt that the price was a little high. Your Spectrum was a little more favourable and found the game good, but wished a little more time was spent on the game itself than the merchandise that came as part of the packaging.

Although the game was reviewed for both the C64 and ZX Spectrum, the game is currently missing in action on both platforms. It is only thanks to contributor Sean O’Neill that we have learnt about the game, and hence have now created an entry.

Paul Lamond Games is still currently running today – which asks the question of if the game was actually released or if it just had limited sales. The thing is … the “Super League” text looks very very familiar. I’m sure i’ve seen it around, so it could well be a case of just finding the title for digital posterity.

Paul got in touch with GTW in 2016 (see comments), and the game was established after playing “Wembley”. The game was possibly only on the Spectrum, but it seems that there was a C64 edition reviewed. Sadly the game never really sold too well, as many places could work out if it should have been sold under Computer or Games department due to the board game ties with it.

We hope that Paul may have something of the game which could be preserved some day. We’ll have to wait and see!

Contributions: Sean O'Neill, Fabrizio Bartoloni, Mort

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5 Responses to Bryan Robson’s Super League

  1. Hey folks, just stumbled across this page while looking for info for the game. I actually have this, boxed with the board and all pieces.

    The box is worn externally around the edges but the contents are Mint.

    The game comes with one cassette which has both the ZX spectrum and C64 programs on one side and, although not stated in the box has an Amstrad CPC program on the other side.

    If I can help supply photos etc… please feel free to get in touch.

  2. I originally thought of the idea after playing ‘Wembley’, I suppose it was before its time. Now we would be able to play it on anything! The Sinclair Spectrum was the only computer ( if you can really call it that today!) it could be played with. I managed to get a bit of finance thanks to an introduction to a third party and thanks to him we set up Paul Lamond Games Ltd. Originally we8\ had Kevin Keegan lined up to help promote it, but another younger player Brian Robson ended up appearing on ITV on the morning it came on sale at Harrods. It became a problem to sell in many stores as they couldn’t decide which department it should be sold in. The computer or games department.

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