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Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Liberator was to be part of a two game bundle along with a game called Sarumax (which eventually turned into Elven Warrior and was released by Players Software).

The game itself was a sort of Hunters Moon meets Solar Jetman, and was being developed by Arless Kershaw, who was the brother of Duncan Kershaw.

It was going to be published with Sarumax by CDS software, but the deal fell through as Players had threatened to sue CDS as they felt the games were theirs to sell. Afterwards, no other publisher wanted the game – and so it was never released.

In recent years, Duncan Kershaw has managed to find some of his old titles, and came across an unfinished copy of Liberator. Overall it looks pretty superb – though i’m not entirely sure what you have to do. The controls are a little difficult to master, and I wonder if they would have been more fined tuned at a later date.

Duncan has stated that the game was actually finished, but he hasn’t been able to find a complete copy. It is possible that his brother may have a copy, so that route will be checked.

But for now, check out a game which has a lot of promise and wonder what might have been. Could we even possibly be playing a full version some time in the future?

Watch this space!

Contributions: Duncan Kershaw

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