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Advanced Software Promotions

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry for now on a title which was converted in a matter of a week by Richard Ikin for Future Concepts (who had released Ramparts). The game was handed over to Sean Lally afterwards and never seen again.

The game was due to be released by Advanced Software Promotions, but never quite made it – quite possibly because the company went under before it could be released. Richard believes that the game was released, but if it was – then it would have been in very limited numbers indeed.

The ZX Spectrum version did manage to get a release though, and although a simple game – it would be nice to try and find it.

Alternative Software later re-released game, but only on the Spectrum – meaning that they couldn’t obtain a C64 edition for whatever reason. So did Advanced Software Promotions, go under before it could sneak out?

Richard was given a tape copy of the game, which suggests it got very close and copies were mastered. If its out there, it could take a massive effort to find it. Sadly Richard no longer has his copy, so the search begins!


Contributions: Richard Ikin

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