Kick Off

Paul Black

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

This is nothing to do with the Anco game series of the same name, but this particular Kick Off game was to be a conversion of the Jaleco coin-op from 1988, suggesting that this game was due for release around 1988.

The coder was Paul Black (Of Dizzy Down the Rapids fame) and the game was fully completed. It was Paul’s first ever C64 development whilst he was teaching himself assembly language, and was an unofficial conversion, with no contact made with any companies to try and sell the game.

It was literally saved onto a cassette tape and forgotten about.

We are not sure how good the game was, but it is hoped that some day Paul may recover the game and allow us to put it on the website for others to check out. It may be rough round the edges due to being Paul’s first piece of work, but it would still be good to save this interesting piece of work from Paul’s work tapes/disks.

More soon we hope on this one!

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Paul Black recalls work on Kick Off:

“Kick off was to be a clone of the arcade game kick off. Years before Sensi Soccer. Was my first attempt at a computer game, was intended to by a 5 a side game.

It was even before I had access to a floppy drive and was written using the free macmon and stored on a cassette tape. There was no company involved; I was still at school and was just learning to code in 6502. IIRC I was 14.”

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