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Cavefighter was a game which was due for release by budget label “Blue Ribbon” back in 1989. The game was advertised on an inlay of another Blue Ribbon game and states a C64 version was available to purchase.

However, nothing has yet surfaced and this seems to be yet another title at large. Did it get released, or did Blue Ribbon cancel it?

Was it just in fact a budget release of the rather ancient 80’s game by Bubble Bus?

Blue Ribbon used to mostly release old games, but we believe that Cavefighter may have been a new release for the label. Sadly we know little more about it and will need to do a lot more research in the hope of finding out more. Blue Ribbon was Superior Soft’s budget brand, so maybe they can help?

Do you know any more?

Contributions: Marco

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  1. I have no idea if related as I know many unrelated games can share exactly the same name. I have a compilation called 6 Computer Hits and the 6th title is called Cave Fighter by Bubblebus. The compilation is dated 1985 by Beau Jolly Ltd.

    • Yeah, this one might be a case of just having the same name as the Bubblebus game. But we’re not 100% sure if it was just a budget re-release or a completely unique game.

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