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Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Cavey is a brand new title which we had never heard about until Dean Hickingbottom sent us a disk with some graphics on, showing early sprite sheets. Load each file and enter SYS 2070 to display.

The title was a post-Clockwize development that was being worked on by David Bradley – and was to be a caveman platform game.

We guess that the date of the game would be approximately 1992 time and was apparently shaping up well, with some test levels. Dean suggests it was a bit “Kings Valley” from what he recalls. Sadly it was never finished – most likely due to the dwindling C64 market at the time.

A nice early glimpse which we hope something more could be saved in the future! We hope to hear from David about the game sometime soon!

For now, watch this space for any new findings!

Contributions: Dean Hickingbottom

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