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A very quick entry, but Coloris was to be a Columns clone which got good ratings on the Amiga platform.

CVG issue 100 stated that the coders at Avesoft were working hard at getting together C64 and PC conversions of the game and it should be reviewed in the next issue. Sadly this never quite happened!

Was the game canned? … what happened to it?

Well it seems with the fear of legal action, Avesoft didn’t release the game outside of Finland. It seems the C64 version was scrapped before it could be completed as a result. This 1992 preview exists in Gamebase, but it is not the same game.

When Jukka TapanimÁ¤ki’s disks were preserved, remains from Coloris were found. Nothing playable sadly, but there were some panel graphics which seem to have been designed by Jukka. There is also a tune intended for the game by Jeroen Tel, which is known as Digi Tune and has been out there for a while. The demo in this case lists Avesoft, so its clear the Digi Tune was pitched as a tune for Coloris.

We’re not 100% sure if Jukka was to be the programmer or not. This could have been one of his last C64 efforts (as Moonfall was completed in 1989, this was 1990). Sadly Jukka passed away in 2000, so we may never know what happened.

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25/05/15 – Some panel graphics found and music intended for game (already released)

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